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Trust Plastic Junction Boxes & Covers

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Safety standard complied to BS 4607


Product Code Items Size
TC-PJC Cover for Junction Box /
TC-PJ120 1 Way Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ125 Ø25mm
TC-PJ132 Ø32mm
TC-PJ220 2 Way Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ225 Ø25mm
TC-PJ232 Ø32mm
TC-PJ320 3 Way Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ325 Ø25mm
TC-PJ332 Ø32mm
TC-PJ420 4 Way Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ425 Ø25mm
TC-PJ432 Ø32mm
TC-PJ2A20 Angle Way Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ2A25 Ø25mm
TC-PJ2A32 Ø32mm
TC-PJ2U20 "U" Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ2U25 Ø25mm
TC-PJ2U32 Ø32mm
TC-PJ3Y20 "Y" Junction Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ3Y25 Ø25mm
TC-PJ3Y32 Ø32mm
TC-PJ20 Back Only Loop-in Box Ø20mm
TC-PJ25 Ø25mm
TC-PJ32 Ø32mm

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